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Prague (Pressweb) - Prague has a reputation of one of the world´s most beautiful historical cities.  But short after landing at Prague´s Václav Havel Airport the visitors often face the dilemma of how to get to their final destination. With no existing direct subway connection downtown the choices are to take a bus or hail a taxi. Prague Airport Shuttle is here to offer a much more comfortable and faster way. With luxurious cars, knowledgeable drivers and fixed prices this surely is the best way to get to Prague´s most popular areas.

Not only does Prague Airport Shuttle offer transportation from the city´s airport, the company is also a well-known partner for anyone who decides to discover country´s other fabulous locations. Over the years we have arranged countless unforgettable trips to locations such as:

  • Český Krumlov – fairy tale town in south Bohemia
  • Karlštejn – one of the country´s most significant castles
  • Karlovy Vary – elegant spa town with unique atmosphere
  • Kutná hora – medieval city with two gothic cathedrals
  • Terezín - concentration camp with dark history
  • Hluboká – one of the country´s most beautiful chateaux
  • Špindlerův Mlýn- popular ski resort in the Krkonoše mountains

Explore Europe the way you want!

Prague Airport Shuttle´s service does not end there! We would be more than happy to arrange your trip should you decide to visit any other major European city. We are here for you if you wish to explore such popular destinations such as Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin, Dresden, Krakow or Budapest.

Never expect less than fast, safe and comfortable transportation from us. We guarantee fixed prices with no hidden fees, knowledgeable drives and professional services. Our clients can also pay in five different currencies and travel with kids and pets as well.

Go online, make your reservation with Prague Airport Shuttle and travel in style! Make the best of your European vacation and make it unforgettable!

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