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Prague (Pressweb) - Prague has become one of Europe´s most popular tourist hot spots. Every year the streets of the Golden City swarm with millions of visitors who wish to enjoy their little piece of the bohemian vibe. But the Czech Republic is not only Prague. There is so much more you can discover! That is why Prague Airport Shuttle offers its services as a premiere transportation company for your trips.

Even though the country´s network of bus and train connections ranks among the most efficient in Europe, nothing beats the comfort of a private tour only being surrounded by your closest.  We believe that Prague Airport Shuttle is the best option to make any of those trips truly unforgettable. We guarantee the safest, fastest and the most comfortable transportation to any destination of your choosing. Never expect any ridiculous hidden fees but only perks such as free children´s seat, knowledgeable drivers or the pets onboard open policy.


TOP destinations our clients wish to visit with us:


  • Český Krumlov – discover a true bohemian gem where time has literally stood still
  • Kutná Hora – stroll between gothic cathedrals of Europe´s once richest city
  • Karlovy Vary – relax among the elegant colonnades of this spa city
  • Karlštejn Castle – feel the indescribable atmosphere of the Middle Ages
  • Pilsen – taste the best gift this city has given to the world – the Pilsner beer
  • Konopiště Castle – admire one of the world´s largest hunting collections
  • Terezín – remember the victims of Holocaust at this former Jewish concentration camp


Let us arrange an all day trip for you!


Prague Airport Shuttle also offers all day trips within the country. Some of the most popular ones going through the charming region of south Bohemia including places such as the beautiful Hluboká Castle, the city of Budweis (České Budějovice) or of course Český Krumlov, the second most visited city in the Czech Republic. All the destinations are easily reachable by car and only a few hours away from Prague at its most. We would be more than happy to arrange trips to other European countries as well.

Make your reservation today and let us be a part of your memories you will cherish for yours to come!

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