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Ebullience on 32 legs …
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Prague (Pressweb) - For the first time ever, the National Theatre in Prague will host the Junior Company of the Bavarian State Ballet, the Bayerisches Staatsballett München II.

The company, made up of gifted young dancers, has passed the test of viability splendidly indeed. During the first few years of its existence, its repertoire has encompassed some 18 ballets, ranging from works by Marius Petipa and George Balanchine to avant-garde pieces by Richard Siegel and Simone Sandroni. It has given performances throughout Germany and toured half of Europe. In the 2014/15 season alone, the Bayerisches Staatsballet München II visited Israel, Greece, Spain and Italy.

The company’s members have been provided with exquisite training from internationally renowned teachers and gained essential experience from working with the dancers of the Bayerisches Staasballett, learning corps and solo roles, exploring pivotal productions, creating together with contemporary choreographers and travelling widely. By and large, the young dancers are ready for any professional engagement (which they usually have no problem whatsoever to find), either directly at the Bayerisches Staasballett or at other distinguished ballet companies, including those in Zurich, The Hague and Düsseldorf. A great artistic benefit for them is provided by Ivan Liška, Artistic Director of the Bayerisches Staasballett, the spiritual father and creator of the young company’s repertoire.

Who Dares Wins! That is what the Junior Company wrote in the headlines in its first few seasons. Since then, the Bayerisches Staatsballet München II has grown out of its children’s shoes. Notwithstanding the youth of its members, it has become a professional company that today performs a variegated repertoire on stages throughout Germany and all over the world. It would seem that a critic’s assessment of the company as ebullience on 32 legs is truly apposite.

We cordially invite you to the State Opera to a performance by 16 young dancers dazzling in choreographies by George Balanchine, Hans van Manen, Maria Barrios, Davide Bombana and Richard Siegal!


One-off performance: 26 April 2016 at the Stare Opera

Allegro Brillante
Choreography: George Balanchine
Music: Pyotr Iliych Tchaikovsky  

Choreography: Hans van Manen
Music: Frank Martin

Three Loves
Choreography: Maria Barrios
Music: Sergey Rachmaninoff

Polychrome Dances
Choreography: Davide Bombana
Music: Leoš Janáček

The New 45
Choreography: Richard Siegal
Music: Oscar Peterson, Clark Terry, Harry Belafonte, Benny Goodman


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