ECG holter by Seiva – comfort for both the patient and the doctor

ECG holter by Seiva
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Prague (Pressweb) - Have you ever underwent an ECG examination? Or are you a cardiologist, performing multiple ECG tests on a daily basis? If the answer to any of above is yes, then you know, how much of an effort it takes to run a successful ECG test. And for all of you, we have some great news!

Seiva is a world leading manufacturer of the medical equipment focusing on cardiology and one of our best selling products at the moment is the ECG Holter SEIVA CardioTrack.

Available length of recording, portability, reliability and quality of the output data – these are the main features of our line of ECG holters. Our ECG holters offer more comfort for both the patients and the surgeons. It's small and compact, offering the patient more comfort then any other ECG holter on the market. It also offers length of recording of up to one week without having to be recharged, detects loose electrodes, which consequently saves time when detecting sectors of reading with such an error, all that combined with the accuracy of the reading as such.

All the above mentioned features are appreciated by many satisfied users of the ECG holters made by Seiva, both patients and surgeons, acquiring our high end equipment for their offices.

If you are looking for a ECG examination solution for your surgery, visit our website and get some detailed information on our line of hi-tech cardiology equipment.

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