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Prague (Pressweb) - After landing in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, you really are in for a treat. The city boasts some of Europe´s most significant architectural gems, great cultural scene and delicious food for very reasonable prices. But getting from the airport straight to a concert hall or you elegant hotel room is not always as easy as finishing your first Pilsner in one of the city´s charming restaurants. 

Although Prague has been a major European tourist hub for quite some time, the city has not yet managed to secure easy transportation from its major airport. Visitors face a decision whether to take a taxi or use a public bus. Not the best of solutions since it takes about 15 minutes to the closest subway stop. That is why companies such as Air Port Transfer Prague started providing their services.

This way customers are guaranteed a very comfortable, safe and efficient way to their destination. Perks such as fixed prices, no extra fees for luggage, delayed flights, night pick-ups or even for a children´s seat are provided. The service is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Reservation can be easily made via the Internet, which also gives you a chance to choose your car.

Best way to visit Czech regions and abroad

Prague Airport Shuttle is also a leading provider of transportation to other popular tourist destinations within the Czech Republic. Don´t neglect to visit beautiful places such as the medieval fairy-tale town of Český Krumlov, majestic castle of Karlštejn or enjoy the home of the original lager beer in Pilsen.

The service does not end there. Prague Airport Transfer is here for you any time you decide to explore some of Europe´s other major tourist destinations such as Berlin, Budapest, Salzburg or Vienna. These EU transfers are perfect for couples or larger groups offering fixed prices and the fastest connection to your desired destination.

Skip the crowds, don´t waste your time on driving or studying schedules. Make your reservation and enjoy central Europe in style!


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