Prague Airport Shuttle - Welcome to the Czech Republic!

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Prague (Pressweb) - We are so excited about you visiting the Czech Republic! That is why we want you to experience it at its best and totally stress-free. As your journey will begin at the airport we want to be there for you to get you safely, quickly and conveniently where it is you need to travel.

We suggest you go online, make your reservation and have us to take care of everything. You can also choose your preferred type of a car. Prague Airport Shuttle guarantees the best way from Prague Airport to your hotel or any destination within the Czech Republic! Welcome!

Booking your ride with Prague Airport Shuttle means:

  • the fastest and the most comfortable travel to your destination
  • reasonable fares and no additional fees for delays or extra luggage
  • knowledgeable and English-speaking drivers
  • free children´s seat should you need it
  • no night pick-up charges
  • luxurious and non-smoking vehicles of your choosing
  • possibility of paying in five different currencies
  • free bottle water

Our service does not end there. Prague Airport Shuttle is also here for you or your group if you decide to discover what the Czech Republic has to offer. Should you choose and easy trip to the majestic royal castle of Karlštejn or take a smooth afternoon in the thermal city of Karlovy Vary, we are here for you! We will comfortably get you to any destination you desire to see and not only in the Czech Republic. Our customers love travelling to other hot spots such as Vienna, Berlin or Budapest.

Do not waste your time and effort on Uber or unreliable taxis. Do the first step toward your perfect Bohemian vacation and make your reservation with us. You can now expect nothing less than the highest level of professionalism. The level you so deserve.

This is Prague Airport Shuttle. Welcome aboard. Welcome to the Czech Republic.

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