TÜV SÜD: Five tips for getting the tree home safely

Zadavatel: TÜV SÜD Czech | 17.12.2013

Munich (Pressweb) - Christmas tree? Definitely! Transport? Car, of course! But a few things must be considered if the festive freight is to arrive home safely – whether it's packed into the boot or strapped to the roof. TÜV SÜD's experts have five tips for tree transport. 

Battening down: Buy tension belts beforehand to fix the tree firmly to the car roof. Simple 'bungee'-type cord expanders or rope are not sufficient.

Roof bars: Loads on the roof may only be transported using a special luggage rack. Never simply fix the tree directly to the car roof – not even on the shortest journey.

Positioning the load: The tip of the tree should point to the rear, to avoid branches breaking off in the slipstream. It goes without saying that the tree should not block the driver's visibility. If the tree tip projects more than one metre over the rear windscreen, a red marker flag must be tied to it! If the tree is being transported in the dark, the tip must be marked with a red light. A total protrusion of 1.5 metres is permitted.

Tying down the trunk: To secure your load on the roof rack, pay particular attention to tightening the trunk in place with tension belts. This ensures that if you need to brake in an emergency, the tree is not transformed into a missile endangering other road-users. But don't neglect to check that the sides and rear end are well secured, warn the TÜV SÜD specialists.

Maintaining visibility: Even if you are transporting your tree in the boot or car interior, ensure it is properly lashed into place and that visibility is not impaired.

For more information on driving-related topics, see www.tuev-sued.de

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