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Prague (Pressweb) - Air Port Transfer Prague is a well-established company providing a reliable, safe and convenient transportation from Prague´s Václav Havel Airport to the city´s downtown and beyond. The company offers a wide variety of luxurious cars that customers can choose from as well as knowledgeable drivers and many perks such as no fees for extra luggage, delayed flights, pets or children´s seat. Payments are allowed in five different currencies and reservations can be done easily via the Internet.

The growing popularity of the Czech Republic as a safe tourist destination filled with spectacular architectural heritage leads to increasing interest of its visitors in exploring the country´s regions. Despite the fact that any place within the country can be easily reached by a car, bus or train, visitors often choose to visit these destinations with a rented car without the necessity of driving it. That is why Air Port Transfer Prague has become a popular partner for discovering some of the country´s favourite locations.

Prague Airport Shuttle provides a fast, comfortable and affordable transportation to popular destinations such as:

  • Český Krumlov – beautiful medieval town in south Bohemia
  • Karlovy Vary – elegant spa town with many healing springs
  • Karlštejn - one of country´s most significant royal castles
  • Terezín – former Jewish ghetto and a concentration camp
  • Pilsen – beer capital of Europe
  • Kutná Hora – medieval city with two gothic cathedrals
  • Konopiště – beautiful chateau with Europe´s largest hunting collection

Prague Airport Shuttle also offers transportation to some of Europe´s popular cities such as Berlin, Budapest, Dresden, Krakow, Nurenberg, Salzburg, Vienna, etc.

Our customers are always guaranteed fixed prices, professional services and comfortable service 365 days a year 24 hours a day. Air Port Transfer Prague has successfully provided transportation to tens of thousands of customers and has made their Czech experience truly unforgettable. 

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