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The Henty Wingman is more than a traditional suit bag
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London (Pressweb) -  If you walk, cycle or fly to work, or exercise before, during or after work, the Wingman bag is far more than your traditional suit bag.

Look no further than the Henty Wingman

Born out of frustration with the perennial problem of getting a suit to work in one piece, the Henty Wingman is not your average bag.   From the crush of the daily commute and the pain of carry-on luggage, to squeezing your finery into backpacks to cycle to work, the answer lies in this high-quality, innovative bag with its skillfully thought through features.

If your father walks, cycles or flies to work, or exercises before, during or after work, the Wingman bag is far more than your traditional suit bag. 

It rolls to become a compact satchel-style bag that can be carried comfortably on the back of a cyclist or walker, and easily fits in the overhead compartment of a plane.
Rolling into a tubular shape with a diameter of approximately 25 centimetres, the bag has semi-rigid PVC ribs that run up the length of the bag, preventing it from folding in on itself thereby keeping your clothes and belongings in good condition.

The Wingman is available in two sizes; standard and compact, and comes with a rain cover and a utility bag (which is removable to save weight) that fits inside the rolled suit bag and can carry clothes, shoes, towels, toiletries and other accessories. Additionally, it features a large external side pocket that can accommodate a small laptop and an A4 note pad.
Videos highlighting the bag’s functionality and versatility can be found on the Henty website.

The bag is available in a range of colours and can be bought from 169 euros from www.henty.cc, and delivered in 2-3 days.

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The Henty Wingman
The Henty Wingman
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